Welcome to Central Minnesota Orthodontics!

Welcome to the orthodontic practice of Dr. Rebecca Hanson! I am so excited to introduce you to our office! Orthodontic treatment is about so much more than just teeth and smiles. It is about building self-confidence, and about developing relationships throughout the treatment process. At Central Minnesota Orthodontics, we see each patient as an individual and take the time to move beyond orthodontic care to provide a fun, engaging and memorable experience. Each time you visit us, you will feel welcomed, cared for and appreciated – as a patient and as an individual! We pride ourselves on delivering skillful, thoughtful and personal orthodontic care and the courteous service that each and every patient deserves. At Central Minnesota Orthodontics we create smiles not just through skillful orthodontic care, but also through the energy, sense of humor and unique personality of our entire practice!

Our logo is a whimsical representation of a nautilus shell. In nature, the proportions of the nautilus shell are in perfect accordance with the golden proportion, which has been involved in beauty and design aesthetics for thousands of years. We believe that facial beauty is created by balance, symmetry and proportion. By moving your teeth into ideal positions that are in balance with your facial structures, we can help create a comfortable, functional and harmonious occlusion (bite). The whimsy factors into our belief that orthodontics can be a fun experience. We want our patients to not only appreciate the result, but also enjoy the process along the way! Ultimately, our logo reflects our attention to detail in achieving that perfect orthodontic result, along the engaging fun atmosphere that makes the process a memorable experience. Our ultimate goal is to make every patient, parent and referring doctor feel comfortable knowing they will be receiving exceptional care every time they enter our office and confident in recommending us to their patients, relatives and friends.

Congratulations to Dr. Becky for being named the best orthodontist in Monticello for 2014!